In 1982, we began our consulting activities in Philippines for the project of Camalaniugan Pumping Plant in Cagayan province.  Since then, we have extended to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the whole Asia. 

In 1983, as a chairman of Hydrographic Committee, Mr. M. Nagatani, our senior executive advisor, presided over the FIG Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.  There was a good chance for us to exchange research and study in the fields of urban planning, road design, measurement and education.

In 1984, our consultants attended the Hydrographic conference held in Washington D.C. USA, to exchange views and research with the attendants from different countries.

In 1996, we obtained the consultancy license of Asian Development Bank for the project of Red River waterway in Vietnam in 1997; for the project of Capacity Building for Participatory Planning, Monitoring and evaluation in Indonesia in 1999.

SHIN-EI has gained a high evaluation and great reputation by the technical proposals and experiences of many years in Japan and the world.

SHIN-EI participates in Industry-University Co-operation positively, keeping a cooperative relationship with many universities.  The culture exchange and the technology transfer become more and more important among countries.  SHIN-EI is playing an important role in technology and education.


1.        Technical Services

iPj   Measurement, Investigation, Observation

iQj   Resource Survey

iRj   Policy Study

iSj   Social Research

iTj   Economic Research

iUj   Sector Study

iVj   Master plan research

iWj   Feasibility Research

iXj   Basic Planning Research

 (10) Technical Research

 (11) Specifications Research of Materials and Equipment

 (12) Research of purchasing materials and Equipment

 (13) Executive Design

 (14) Construction Administration

 (15) Training

 (16) Factory Diagnosis

 (17) Business Management: Conservative Management

 (18) Project Administration

 (19) Development of Organization

 (20) Auditing

 (21) Development Study

 (22) Post-Project Evaluation


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