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 SHIN-EI is a Japanese Consulting Firm, founded in 1977.

SHIN-EI is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm which intervenes in a large variety of fields including those of social infrastructure (urban planning, architecture, river, erosion control and topographical map), transport and traffic (port, road and waterway), compensation (architecture and land utilizing), environmental and social assessment as well as studying and developing in VE and CBP consulting fields.


The international and domestic license accredited to SHIN-EI are :

  Scope of Consulting


ADB (Asian Development Bank)      
ODA (Official Development Assistant)  
Construction Consultant License     
Compensation Consultant License     
Survey License             
First Class Architect License      

 : Reg. No. 000323 (S665)
 : Consultant License No. 650
 : Construction 5, No. 4491
 : Compensation 8, No. 1628
 : No. 4-13968
 : No. 1-08-X123




Urban Planning        
◎ Building Consultancy
◎ Construction Consultancy 
◎ Marine Project Consultancy
◎ Coast Project consultancy 
◎ Harbor Project Consultancy
◎ Environmental Assessment 
◎ Social Assessment     
◎ Agricultural and     
  Constructional Consultancy
◎ Compensation Consultancy 
◎ Measurement        
◎ Value Engineering Consultancy

Integral regional Development Planning
◎ Economic Planning
◎ Improvement of Organization and Business
◎ Statistics
◎ Project Administration
◎ Social Foundation Planning
◎ Fishing Boat
◎ Machine Industry
◎ Education
◎ Financial Consultancy
◎ Capacity building for Participatory





















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